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          • 您好,歡迎訪問遼陽炭素有限公司官方網站(www.lab-tn.com)我們將竭誠為您服務!Today is:
          • Main products:Graphite electrodes,Graphite blocks,Graphite powder and Other Graphite products.
          • President: Lijie Sun
            Mobile phone: 13804196898
            Tel: 0419-2653333
            Fax: 0419-2653333
            Address: No.688 Liuerpu Economic District,Liaoyang, Liaoning, China

          • Liaoyang Carbon Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934, is one of China's larger carbon enterprise, is located in Liaoyang City, Liu Erbao's economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to 202 National Road, traffic is very convenient...
            Copyright: LIAOYANG CARBON CO.,LTD.  address: No.688 Liuerpu Economic District,Liaoyang, Liaoning, China
            Mobile phone: 13804196898 President: Lijie SunTel: 0419-2653333 Fax: 0419-2653333 address: ltslj6688@163.com